Crazy cats.

March 20, 2013



It all started when I was in primary school and I got this top with ‘Little Miss Naughty’ on, then this girl made her Mum get her the same one. I remember being a little confused as to why someone would want exactly the same thing that they knew I had. It’s that feeling, you know when you tell someone a joke… then they tell someone else and act like didn’t hear it off you. Yeah that. Annoying hey?

Anyhow, over the years I guess I’ve figured out how to deal with things a lot better than those primary school days.

I/we work in such a creative industry. Ideas are going to be the same. With a world full of artists, sometimes ideas are going to seem similar. I am always striving to be better, I am always reading magazines to gain inspiration and I will always be amazingly inspired by artists in my field. I’m not gonna lie, it can seem a little disheartening when something you’ve worked on or an idea gets copied, down to the last megapixel.. But what I’ve learnt is… YOU’RE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT. If people want to do anything remotely similar to what you’re doing, whether that be using the same location, the same layout, the same strange pose you’ve thought of… It means it’s good. So use it as a positive. Continue to be fabulous and carry on.






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