How to make yourself look better when having your photograph taken

February 8, 2013

One of the things I love about weddings is that I get to shoot real Brides in a real situation. Chances are, the Bride I’m photographing hasn’t really had many professional photographs taken in her life. Models of course know how to pose to make themselves look flawless.. Plus a little help from good old Photoshop! I will never over Photoshop a Bride on her Wedding day.. so here are a few tips on how to take a great photograph, when you’re being photographed solo!

+ Where you take a photograph is a big help. (See previous blog on sun vs shade – here) Try and stand in a shaded area to avoid harsh shadows on your face and this will also stop squinting. Shooting into the sun creates a real soft gorgeous light that makes your skin flawless.

+ Never hold your arm close to your body. Doing this squishes your arm to your body making it appear larger than it actually is. (See photo) how_to_make_your_arm_thinner

+ Try not to hold your chin up. Holding your chin up too high, makes it looks larger than it actual is. By putting your chin down slightly and also shooting the slightly above, creates a beautiful jaw line and definition. You can also try and stretch your chin and move your head slightly forward to create definition.

+ Create curves that aren’t there. Standing straight onto the camera can make you look very straight. By bending one leg in (see photo below) you create gorgeous curves. Also by twisting your stomach you can make it appear smaller!


Try to relax your shoulders so you don’t look too tense. Smile and ta dah! You’re done. Practice your smile in the mirror leading up to your wedding day and whenever your standing somewhere… bend that knee in so it becomes natural. Then let the compliments role in.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Stay creative,






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