Backing up and the Apple Time Capsule

January 20, 2013


When it comes to the end of a Wedding, my thoughts lie with getting the photographs on to as many things as I can find. Otherwise I can’t sleep. This may sound a tad over dramatic, but at 2am when you’re wide awake, convinced your memory card just got abducted by aliens or that your Mac has spontaneously combusted, you’d take it totally seriously.

When I’m home from a Wedding, before I do anything I upload the photographs to my desktop, back them up on a hard drive, keep the memory card in a completely different place and… breathe. I like to know that when I begin a Wedding edit, that I have 3 copies.

When my hard drive said full I went hard drive shopping. After buying one, trying to use it, asking numerous times on Facebook for help, really clever computer people trying to make it work… it was broken. So I began shopping again. This time I went for the Apple ‘Time Capsule’.

The downside is I can’t go to Zara for a few weeks months… but at least I know my work is safe right?! The time capsule is wireless, it constantly backs up anything as you’re going and it looks pretty smart too. I don’t have to keep remembering to back up work, or accidently back up twice, because it does the work without me asking it to!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and have had chance to enjoy the snow!

Kayleigh x





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