Shooting in the sun vs shade

January 16, 2013

In the UK we get mega excited when the sun shines and feel like we need to take advantage of this! At some Weddings I’ve photographed and even when I’ve just been shooting outside locally, a few people say the same thing.. “Why are you not taking photographs in the sun!?”. At another Wedding I assisted I heard the photographer I was working with get asked “Why are you shooting into the sun?”. I totally agreed with what she was doing, when there is no shade what so ever I will always shoot into the sun. I personally like the ‘dreamy’ effect it gives. (Thank you Shannon for being my model!)

I haven’t touched this photograph in photoshop, it was taken at ISO125    1/2000    f1.4. The sky gets a little burnt out, but I much prefer the tone on her skin as opposed to direct sunlight. Everything seems softer when shooting into the sunshine.


This is the effect you get when you stand your subject in the sun. You get shadows, your subject will be squinting and I tend to find harsh sunlight can make make-up look heavy. This was taken at ISO 125    1/8000   f1.8


If possible, I will always try and shoot in the shade (if it’s a mega sunny day). If it’s an overcast day, this is sort of perfect! If not, try and find shade! ISO 200    1/320    f2.5. On this photograph the background isn’t too bright and shannon’s skin looks so much better than in the harsh sunlight!


Hope I’ve explained this okay! And my theories behind why I do what I do!

Kayleigh x






You Definitely helped me with this I took some photos of m sister in law at Coombe in the bright sunlight and guess what they are all no good her face is too bright eyes all Squinty not a good look at all ! Then I saw how you did it so I tried it out and I’ve gotta say I love it so thank you Kayleigh : ) x

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