D800 quality when zooming in.

September 11, 2012

This post may make me look slightly obsessed with my camera.. but hey, I am! The Nikon D800 has a massive 36.3 megapixels. Yes point 3. And what amazing megapixels they are. I decided to go a little test and see how much quality you lose when zooming in.. and how impressive these megapixels actually are.

I don’t tend to crop my photographs very often, if ever. But it’s good to know if I catch something from a distance I will not lose the quality. Also, the D800 makes fabulously clear beautiful photographs without zooming. This was just a little test for a Tuesday afternoon.

This may come across quite small on wordpress but if you click it, it should open a little bigger on a new page! This is exactly the same photograph, just the right hand photograph is zoomed in. Whilst keeping amazing quality! Amazing!

Kayleigh x

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