There’s a lot of things I love about being a Wedding Photographer. One of them is becoming friends with my brides. I love how they send me photographs of their shoes and flowers. I feel like I get to know their style, so on the Wedding day i’m their friend… and they feel comfortable and relaxed around me.

I become Facebook friends with my brides and the other day I uploaded the above photograph onto my personal page. A bunch of peonies (my favorite flower, ever). Two brides began to comment on the photograph, a conversation which turned into flowers. Sweet pea droop apparently.. (i’m not a florist.. so florists don’t shout at me if this is duff information) which helped the other Bride to not choose it. I loved this. I love how two brides who didn’t know each other could connect and give advice.

If I could i’d get all my Brides together once a month we’d drink tea and discuss what works and what doesn’t. But I can’t. So feel free girls to use my page to chat!


WEDDING TEA AND BISCUITS from John Lewis. A present I got for my friends Wedding.

Kayleigh Pope | Wedding Photographer Coventry


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