Camera strap or no camera strap?

I was all for not using a camera strap. I usually hold my camera (obviously I put it down occasionally) all the time at a wedding.. I feel like it means I am constantly ready to shoot. If I see something spontaneous happen, then I have my camera in my hand ready and not flung over my shoulder. Also, I find the camera strap gets in the way and I feel a little restricted when taking photographs from above.
BUT, I get terrible neck ache. Might not be related but.. might be!

So when I got my new D810 (I was using two cameras at the last few weddings).. I put the strap on to tell them apart (the D800 and D810 feel similar in a rush!).. and I quite liked having the camera strap on. I didn’t feel like I missed any shots either. So maybe I’ll start using it and maybe I won’t get neck ache!

Any tips? I’m not really into fancy holsters to wear, I like to be simple.

KP x


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