Imperfection can be perfection.

garagesI like attempting something a little different, I know this isn’t a totally new idea or really that fabulous at all.. But garages, they’re everywhere.. All different colours, a ready made bright backdrop. Myself and Holly (top photograph) left a beautiful studio in Finham and chose to do a quick photoshoot in front of a run down garage door.. and we both really loved the results. Of course if you book a shoot with me, I will not make you pose in front of a garage door, but I do like the effect for something a little different!

Sometimes, as a photographer I think I have to do everything perfectly.. But it’s proof you can use even the dingiest garage door and make it work! If we step outside there’s so many options and weird things to use as backdrops and I intend to find more I like. Imperfection is beauty.





Michael and Kirsty – WEDDING

I met Kirsty years ago when we both worked for Tesco, we got banned on going on our breaks together because we spent too much time talking when we were supposed to be working… Oops. Kirsty then moved away with her boyfriend Michael, we kept in contact via Facebook and Kirsty always told me “when I get Engaged I really want you to be my photographer!”.. From the day I saw her status change to Engaged we have talked Weddings non stop, Kirsty is a Wedding dress expert, to the point where she comments on previous Brides photographs and can name the dress! 

Michael and Kirsty got married at the beautiful Albrighton Hall Hotel in Shrewsbury, it was a gorgeous March day, a little cold but we used every location in this amazing venue that we could. I love that they tried every idea that I came up with and also the fact that they braved ‘the ledge’ to stand over the river. Michael is a superb poser, I’m considering showing other grooms images of his poses for ideas! 

Thank you both for the beautiful cupcakes you gifted me (By Cakes by KIKI – Coventry) and thank you Kirsty for being such a supportive person. Your day was gorgeous and I wish we could do it all over again! 

Also… Albrighton hall make the most fabulous chocolate desert. Seriously. 

Chantal Kreviazuk – Feels like home


Crazy cats.



It all started when I was in primary school and I got this top with ‘Little Miss Naughty’ on, then this girl made her Mum get her the same one. I remember being a little confused as to why someone would want exactly the same thing that they knew I had. It’s that feeling, you know when you tell someone a joke… then they tell someone else and act like didn’t hear it off you. Yeah that. Annoying hey?

“Sorry, I won’t be in today”.

being_illLast Wednesday I was freezing cold, then hot. Then I started to get a cough. A cough that was that happy to be around that it has stuck with me for what now is 5 days. I despise being ill and knowing I didn’t have a Wedding this weekend I thought… “Hey Kayleigh, you can cure this cough. On your own, no medicine. Just some positive thinking and a spoonful of honey and you’ll be fine”. I wasn’t.

Saturday night I got 2 hours of sleep. With this, I had a lot of time to think. The thought crossed my mind… What if I did have Wedding tomorrow?

I have back up plans, I know other photographers that can cover. But that’s not how I work. I’m stubborn. It has to be me that goes.

When you’re self employed and ill, your work gradually gets pushed back with each day you’re ill. You panic and hate letting people down. There’s no phone line to ring, no one to cover your emails. Just you, cough and all.

Wedding season nerves

The week leading up to my first Wedding of the season always makes me get butterflies! Infact, with every Wedding I do, I always have that good nervous energy. The type of nerves that are there to make you perform better and that also remind you that you’re doing the right job! Because you care. Aw cute eh? In the time you have off from Weddings, you feel like you have ages before you’ll be at a Wedding again. Then BOOM it’s back.


How to remove dark circles in Photoshop

Unless you’re extremely lucky, then you probably like me get dark circles underneath your eyes. So here’s how to get rid of those annoying dark circles. If you are used to Photoshop, you have attempted to do this using the Clone tool (on normal) or patch tool. This in effect just moves ares of skin. You then lose the shape of the eye.. which results in it looking fake. Something we don’t want. If you look closely at your eye, you will see the skin change as you get closer to the eyelash line. So if you use skin from your cheek and clone it under the eye.. It’s not going to look right. Here’s a really simple way to do it. {I’m using Photoshop CS5}

How to make yourself look better when having your photograph taken

One of the things I love about weddings is that I get to shoot real Brides in a real situation. Chances are, the Bride I’m photographing hasn’t really had many professional photographs taken in her life. Models of course know how to pose to make themselves look flawless.. Plus a little help from good old Photoshop! I will never over Photoshop a Bride on her Wedding day.. so here are a few tips on how to take a great photograph, when you’re being photographed solo!

How to make an eye sparkle in Photoshop

Hello! I’ve decided to give a tutorial blog a go. I love Photoshop, I’ve been taught it at school/university, watched tutorials and played around with it myself to learn. I have just began using Lightroom along side it (I know I’m behind.. Don’t judge!). I like to use Photoshop to enhance people not to change people. If I have a spot.. I’m going to get rid of it of course! I’m not a big fan of over airbrushing, I hate it when people look fake so I will never use Photoshop to this extent. What I want to show is, that you can use a few simple skills to enhance your photographs. Here goes!

I use Photoshop CS5 and you should edit zoomed in at 100% but for the benefit of being able to see the whole photograph I haven’t. Apologies.


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