How to make an eye sparkle in Photoshop

Hello! I’ve decided to give a tutorial blog a go. I love Photoshop, I’ve been taught it at school/university, watched tutorials and played around with it myself to learn. I have just began using Lightroom along side it (I know I’m behind.. Don’t judge!). I like to use Photoshop to enhance people not to change people. If I have a spot.. I’m going to get rid of it of course! I’m not a big fan of over airbrushing, I hate it when people look fake so I will never use Photoshop to this extent. What I want to show is, that you can use a few simple skills to enhance your photographs. Here goes!

I use Photoshop CS5 and you should edit zoomed in at 100% but for the benefit of being able to see the whole photograph I haven’t. Apologies.


How to stay creative.

When the Wedding season is over, I can find myself running a little flat. Portraits and headshots keep me busy, but there can be days when I find myself searching for things to do. I try to do something everyday that keeps me creative before the Wedding season starts again. Here’s a few ideas;


I love looking for ideas on Pinterest, anything from poses to quotes. Even to just look through amazing photographs, this is the place!

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Backing up and the Apple Time Capsule


When it comes to the end of a Wedding, my thoughts lie with getting the photographs on to as many things as I can find. Otherwise I can’t sleep. This may sound a tad over dramatic, but at 2am when you’re wide awake, convinced your memory card just got abducted by aliens or that your Mac has spontaneously combusted, you’d take it totally seriously.

When I’m home from a Wedding, before I do anything I upload the photographs to my desktop, back them up on a hard drive, keep the memory card in a completely different place and… breathe. I like to know that when I begin a Wedding edit, that I have 3 copies.

Shooting in the sun vs shade

In the UK we get mega excited when the sun shines and feel like we need to take advantage of this! At some Weddings I’ve photographed and even when I’ve just been shooting outside locally, a few people say the same thing.. “Why are you not taking photographs in the sun!?”. At another Wedding I assisted I heard the photographer I was working with get asked “Why are you shooting into the sun?”. I totally agreed with what she was doing, when there is no shade what so ever I will always shoot into the sun. I personally like the ‘dreamy’ effect it gives. (Thank you Shannon for being my model!)

I haven’t touched this photograph in photoshop, it was taken at ISO125    1/2000    f1.4. The sky gets a little burnt out, but I much prefer the tone on her skin as opposed to direct sunlight. Everything seems softer when shooting into the sunshine.


Wedding review 2012.

Hello! I decided to do a review of 2012 and show a few of my favourite photographs from the past year. A massive thank you to everyone who follows me on Twitter, likes me on Facebook or reads my blog. Thanks for all the comments, likes and retweets… Without sounding MEGA cheesy, it makes me smile. If you do, you’ve probably seen half of these photographs and heard the stories that go with them.. It’s just a little something to tie the year up! I have one more Wedding this year, then it’s 2013! So if you do follow me on social media, be prepared! Haha! Thanks again for all of your support, have a fabulous Christmas, Kayleigh xx

The first Wedding I photographed in 2012 was my younger cousin Katie and her now husband, Gavin. He proposed after returning from Afghanistan! Cute!


Hannah and Andrew WEDDING

Hannah and Andrew got married at the beautiful All Saints Church in Binfield, with their reception at Brownlow memorial Hall in Warfield. I travelled to Reading for this gorgeous winter Wedding. The bridesmaids looked beautiful, their hair was by JG Hairstyling, you can like her on Facebook here – JG Hairstyling. I had a lovely day shooting this Wedding! Hope you enjoy the photographs.


Gemma and Dean WEDDING

I met Gemma and Dean whilst photographing Gemma’s Mum’s Birthday party. I was honoured to then photograph their beautiful Winter themed Wedding at Nailcote Hall. One of my favourite things about the day was that Gemma walked down the isle in slippers.. My kinda girl! And the other was their son Kial’s Dummy (see below!). Despite the cold we managed to get some great photographs and even pulled off  ‘Gangnam style’. You are such a lovely couple and I had an amazing day shooting your Wedding. Hope you enjoy the photographs X


Louise and Ian WEDDING

Louise and Ian got married at St.Jame’s Church in Styvechale, Coventry. Louise arrived in a beautiful open top car and made sure she was 10 minutes early! Their reception followed at the gorgeous Village Hotel in Coventry, where they had a red carpet arrival. Thank you for choosing me to capture your special day!


Nicky and Danny WEDDING

Nicky and Danny got married in the most beautiful Church, Sacred Heart, Coventry. We all then went onto the reception at the Hare and Hounds in Keresley. I love this venue, the girls who work there are so lovely and the room looked absolutely gorgeous! I especially loved the wishing tree so the guests could write their well wishes on. The amazing cake was made by Kim’s Cake Gallery you can like her on Facebook here –

I had a fabulous day photographing your Wedding and here comes the cheese.. Have made some lovely friends in the process.

Hope you all enjoy the photographs! Have a fabulous weekend.

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