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I am going to attempt to start a monthly ‘vlog’.. If it’s incredibly boring to everyone, well.. then I’ll stop! But, it’s a new creative avenue I wanted to try!
I am not great at talking to camera.. but I’m gonna try. Took me a few attempts to describe the weather in the this one (and I didn’t go into a lot of detail!).
I hope to get better.. I can only try!

Enjoy.. or don’t. KP x

Camera strap or no camera strap?

I was all for not using a camera strap. I usually hold my camera (obviously I put it down occasionally) all the time at a wedding.. I feel like it means I am constantly ready to shoot. If I see something spontaneous happen, then I have my camera in my hand ready and not flung over my shoulder. Also, I find the camera strap gets in the way and I feel a little restricted when taking photographs from above.
BUT, I get terrible neck ache. Might not be related but.. might be!

So when I got my new D810 (I was using two cameras at the last few weddings).. I put the strap on to tell them apart (the D800 and D810 feel similar in a rush!).. and I quite liked having the camera strap on. I didn’t feel like I missed any shots either. So maybe I’ll start using it and maybe I won’t get neck ache!

Any tips? I’m not really into fancy holsters to wear, I like to be simple.

KP x


How to tie a bow

I know this isn’t exactly the most riveting blog content, however.. On a wedding morning, the art of tying a bow correctly can be crucial!
I’ve seen many a bridesmaid panic as their bow is.. well, droopy (what a word!).. and everytime I hear the words ‘does anyone know how to tie a bow?!’ I think.. I’m going to learn and tape myself doing so.
So, here that is. It’s really the most unexciting thing probably ever, but it may help to make those mornings less stressful!

KP x





My predicted wedding trends for 2017 with Not On The High Street.

Every year there are new wedding trends, from sweets to postboxes, certain items are huge throughout a year.
Alongside notonthehighstreet, I have come up with a few trends that I think I will see more of this year. They include wooden cake toppers, botanical themes and ribbon backdrops. All such beautiful things! I also predict pastels will still be huge and ‘shabby chic’ will be a big hit!… I also hope to see more copper (I have a problem!).
What are your predicted trends? Comment below!

Shop below
Personalised Walnut Wedding Planner by Oakdene Designs
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Personalised Calligraphy Botanical Wedding Arrow by DELIGHTFUL LIVING
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Wooden Wedding Table Plan by THE WEDDING OF MY DREAMS
Geometric Diamond Glass Vase Succulent Terrarium by DINGADING TERRARIUMS

How long should photographs take AFTER the ceremony?

It’s a question I am always asked. Either for planning purposes.. or because they want to know how long they will be subjected to photographs for haha!

For me, the photograph time after the ceremony is used for;
Bride and groom portraits
Family photographs

I know some photographers like to take the bride and groom out at other points of the day. But my personal preference is to do all the important photographs in the time after the ceremony. This way, the rest of the day will be candid photographs etc
A venue usually gives an hour and a half for photographs. I agree with this and it is more than adequate. Even an hour can be fine with good organisation!
However, for small weddings and if the couple don’t particularly want a lot of family photographs – it can be much shorter.

Hope this helps in some way!

KP x

PHONES, WEDDINGS.. let’s talk


Firstly, let me say, I love mobile phones.
Sadly, it is one of my most treasured possessions and I am sorry to say I look at it a lot (I’m working on it).
We live in a world where we photograph anything and everything. It infuriates me when people photograph a tragedy as opposed to helping.. but that’s a whole other subject!
I welcome phones/cameras/ipads (yup) at weddings. I get it. Your daughter, son, brother, sister, niece, nephew, friend etc is getting married and you want to take photographs. GREAT! Do it. But here’s some things you might not have realised…

When walking back up the aisle. Please take photographs, however, when you stand in the aisle you block other people. You also create a sea of iPhones/ipads/cameras.. which is on my photograph and also what greets the bride and groom when they walk out. Also, it’s SO incredibly hard to get a good iPhone photograph of people walking fairly quickly in a dark room.

First dance/other important gatherings of wedding people Again, take photographs. I like taking photographs of people taking selfies too! But, once you’ve taken your photograph on your phone, don’t then stand staring at it. Cause you’re in the background of everyone else’s photograph and it looks like you’re bored and checking the football scores.

I actually don’t have many more points, but what I will say is enjoy the day with your eyes and not through your phone.

KP x





Starry night

I will never get bored of staring into space on a clear night. I find it relaxing and a great reminder of how small we are.
Of course, I also like photographing them.
Below are some photographs I took with my Nikon D800. My camera was on a tripod and I used a remote control like this so I can avoid camera shake by not having to touch my camera. My settings were ISO 160 f4.5 and I had the shutter open for 18 seconds. I tend to do a few for different lengths of time to see what works best.
Ah bring on more clear nights!
how-to-photography-stars (more…)

How to get bright photographs

Someone on my Facebook page asked me.. “How do you get your images so bright and fresh looking yet keep really good skin tones?”.. So I thought I’d answer in a blog!
I attempted to record myself editing and talking but.. well.. It makes me cringe. I sound better typing 😉
I try my damn hardest to get the photograph how I want it in camera and then tweak and edit in photoshop or lightroom.
The photograph below was taken on a Nikon D800 with a 50mm f1.4 Sigma lens.
My settings were ISO 250, 1/1600 f2.2.
The top photograph is what the image looked like straight out of the camera and the bottom one is the edited version (Not a huge difference).

unedited inspired_brides-kayleighpope-2

Regarding editing, there is no right or wrong (in my opinion). Some people like dark and grainy photographs.. where as me, I prefer light and bright. So I edit accordingly. I increase the exposure and shadows.. then bring down the highlights so the blown out areas have detail.

Lenses I use for wedding photography

Over the years I have gained a collection of lenses that I find fit my style perfectly. When you click onto a website and view all the different lenses that you can buy.. you can get a little lost haha.
I use a Nikon D800 and here’s a little info on the lenses that I shoot with!


My ‘go to’ lens is the 50mm 1.4. I shoot details in bridal prep with it, hair/make up being done, ceremony, bride and groom portraits, smaller groups and room details. The wide aperture works perfectly in darker situations and gorgeous ‘bokeh’ it gives – ummm I love you 50mm.


The 35mm 1.8 is the lens I use for bigger groups and room shots. I also use this lens when ‘surprise’ moments happen and I want to make sure I can fit everything that’s happening in.


The 60mm 2.8 macro is a lens I own.. yet don’t always use. I keep it in my kit as it’s good for detail shots. Rings or a necklace with a sweet engraving, this is the lens I would use.


The 70-200mm is a relatively new lens in my kit but I am SO glad I bought it. I am a prime lens girl and this is the only zoom I use. I don’t mind standing in the back at a ceremony, but there are times that I am made the stand at the back of a church with a huuuuge aisle.. and that’s where the 70-200mm comes in extremely handy. I don’t like being too in the way during a ceremony, so it’s nice to be able to stand away with this lens but still get up close. It’s also good for candids, as no-one can tell you’re there!

Kp x





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