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Connie and Ollie – WEDDING

Connie and Ollie got married at the beautiful Walton Hall. In the morning, Connie and her bridesmaids got ready at the venue, with their hair and make up done by the talented Matilda Lansdown. Connie looked absolutely stunning in her Maggie Sottero dress from Shakespeare in Love and the most gorgeous navy blue Jimmy Choo’s.
Once ready, we took a short walk to the Chapel where the ceremony began. It was a lovely intimate ceremony and one of Connie’s friends sang – she was fab!
After the ceremony it was back outside for photographs, in the gorgeous grounds. It was a little chilly so we didn’t walk too far but it is so beautiful around Walton Hall that we didn’t need to!
We then headed in for the wedding breakfast, speeches and cutting of the cake. Connie and Ollie had a bride and groom caterpillar cake from Marks and Spencer’s, such a great idea!

Thank you so much for picking me to photograph your beautiful day!


50 facts about moi

My name’s Kayleigh
I’m 30
I’m a Sagittarius
I’m an only child
My favourite singer is Stevie Nicks
Closely followed by Lana Del Rey
I’m allergic to some fruits
I passed my driving test first time
I have a fear of flying
Despite that I LOVE to travel
I can go into any shop and find something ‘I need’
I binge watch Sex and the City
I love to paint
My hair is usually a huge mess
I have never done a shot
But I like a glass of wine
I’ve known my best friend since I was 2
I have never dyed my hair (apart from red streaks as a teenager)
I hate mornings and don’t plan things until about 11am
I quote friends in most social situations
There’s approximately 24 Eiffel Towers in my apartment
I love holidays with cafes and art galleries
I have one God child
I would rather be cold than warm
I would love to live in Paris for a few months
One of my favourite things to do is lay in the dark with music on
I love positive people
I will always pick an orange cream from a box of Cadbury’s roses
I worry
I love road trips
..and gigs
I broke my wrist when I was 6
My middle name is Jayne
My favourite film is Psycho
Or Amelie
Or the Great Gatsby
I forget things
so I make lists…
I have a weird crush on James Franco
I have one tattoo
Alongside some Uni friends.. I helped bring back the Wispa chocolate bar
I love pizza
I’ve never been to a gym
I am completely fascinated by space
I’d love my Grandad to know I’m a photographer
I Google things whilst you’re mid sentence to find out facts
I don’t wear socks
I have beans next to toast (not on!)
I love peonies
I search IMDb for actors I recognise when watching a film

Your life is complete now you know these things right? I’m sorry if I’m not that exciting! Haha!

KP x

GoCustomized Paris phone case!

I love photography, Paris and my phone. So it’s great to be able to combine the 3 with a pretty phone cover! GoCustomized offers personalised phone cases with your favourite photographs on them.. as well as many other cool designs. I like the fact that they’re fresh, a good price and most importantly..high quality!

I chose one of my hundreds of photographs from Paris to put on the back.. and I think it’s looks pretty cute!

KP x


Happy New Year readers! Hope you all have a fantastic year and I’m looking forward to shooting more beautiful weddings in 2017! <3
Last years aims were;

Learning to speak French
Travelling to new places
Booking weddings abroad
and buying a pretty house

And I did all 4!

This year I want to.. continue to learn French, travel more and book more weddings abroad! Also, to take time to enjoy the moment and not wish life away.

Thanks again for all the support in 2016. Here’s to 2017!

KP x

I own a home!

I have been a little slow on my posting over Christmas. Not only was I spending time with my family, I also moved!
After waiting for what seemed like.. forever! I finally got the keys to my new home 🙂

I apologise in advance for all the interior photographs I will take.. (How gorgeous is the Smeg fridge/freezer!?)

Hope you had a lovely Christmas.
Back to regular updates!

KP x

Because I want to speak French…


It’s that time of year when everyone discusses resolutions and says how pointless they are. Whilst I agree, I always think it’s good to aim to do positive things in your life. So whilst my resolutions aren’t necessarily new things for the new year, they are continued positive things in my life. They include;

Learning to speak French
Travelling to new places
Booking weddings abroad
and buying a pretty house

By the end of 2016 I will probably have only achieved being able to string a basic French sentence together.. but it’s good to have an aim, non?


KP x

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