How I am keeping busy during lockdown

May 10, 2020

Quite a lot of my weddings have moved to later in the year, or to 2021. I have the odd product photoshoot but I was desperately waiting for wedding season to begin. It’s a long winter when you’re in the wedding world! Unfortunately I don’t know when weddings will start again, but I am trying to keep busy and creative until they do!

I have started a book club with some lovely people. I have never been much of a reader.. I start a book then get distracted. So this is the perfect way to make sure I am reading by a certain date. Keeping my mind busy!

I like doing things that pass the time and take your mind off any worries. I love a jigsaw, watching Netflix, sketching, drawing and listening to music. All these tiny household hobbies are helping me out during lockdown and something else to focus on.

I have also been taking on some product photography work. Either by receiving items in the post or left on my doorstep, I can take product photographs without even having to meet anyone. It is definitely helping my creative brain feel useful during these times!

Lastly, I am spending time chatting to my friends, through FaceTime or WhatsApp and not worrying too much about feeling busy.

It’s a weird time, so doing anything that gets you through is a plus by me!